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Online Services

Online Services

The Port Telematic Net is a technologically up-to-date structure, completely built in optic fibre and covering the port basins of Savona and Vado thanks to five concentration knots.

The following are the services offered to subscribers:

  • Quick Internet connection
  • Electronic Mail
  • Virtual inner nets for users
  • Port areas and quays monitoring through digital cameras and real-time publication
    of the images on Internet
  • Port Services
  • Berthage applications forwarding
  • Applications for port access
  • Displaying of the ships’ situation in the harbour
  • Displaying of ships’ arrivals and sailings

Enter the telematic website (Italian only)

Berthage applications

Urgent port access permits

Arrival Forecasts and current port situation

The port services, available using any Internet station, can be acceded only through password issued by the Port Authority of Savona at the request of users.

If you want to get linked to the Telematic Net or to adhere to the services, your application must be sent in to the Port Authority of Savona This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Tel. +39 01985541 - Fax +39 0198554399
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