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The green port

The green port


For the last ten years the environment and its protection have been one of the priorities of the Port Authority of Savona.
Its principle actions realized with this aim have been: saving energy and implementing green energy production.

In 2010, a 120 kW photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the Palacrociere Terminal West. This plant generates more
than 130 MWh covering 1/5 of its energy needs. Photovoltaic panels was also placed on the roof of the structure built in the
landfill of the port of Savona.

In order to take advantage of wind energy, a 20 kW wind turbine has been installed in an other area of the port of Savona.

In the harbour of Vado Ligure the cold ironing system is available. This is a process that provides shoreside electrical
power to the ferries moored at the quay. With this solution it is possible to turn off ferry engines with a consequent reduction
of CO2 emission.

Recently, it has been possible to save energy thanks to the implementation of new technologies. A lighting system of 9
luminous flux regulator has been installed inside port areas, saving up to 25% of electric power. In the port of Savona the
prototype of a new led lighting system has also been installed: replacing all traditional lamps the saving will be of 250 MWh
per year.

In 2013, in order to respond to the increase of waste generated in the port, caused mostly by the cruise industry expansion, a
new garbage dump became operational. The new structure, built also to improve the recycling system, cover an area of about
2,500 square meters and it is situated behind the breakwater, far away from the city centre.

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